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Listening to new parents

One thing all parents know is that nothing about parenting is exactly what you expected. So to better support and understand today’s new parents, we started at the beginning: we listened.

Better understanding your challenges

We’ve been good at imparting our 150 years of science backed knowledge. And know it is time for us to make space for all the parents who have been experiencing the blips, the burps, the spills, the smiles – and everything in between.

How to parent like a pro

Baby on the way / in your arms, and worried you don't have a clue? (No one does, shhh.) Check out our checklists to help you win in every aspect of modern parenting.

Did you ever feel alone during your first year as a parent?
yes %
no 100%
It’s totally normal! Most moms say they sometimes felt lonely in the beginning too. Even when you’re cradling another human or scrolling through social media feed with friendly faces, feelings of detachment and isolation often creep in. 
You have a strong community! If loneliness does creep in, try focusing on the baby in your arms, the partner next to you in bed and friendly faces on your social media feed. It can really help.
Do you and your partner share childcare responsibilities?
yes %
no 100%
Life is easier together. For example, try having one parent cook dinner while the other handles bath time, then swap the next day!
That doesn’t mean one of you is a better parent. It’s tricky to maintain balance! Try divvying up the childcare tasks in a way you’re both comfortable with, and don’t hesitate to revisit your plan of attack if it isn’t working for you both.
During your first year as a parent, did you experience lots of emotional highs and lows?
yes %
no 100%
It’s like a roller coaster, right? One minute you’re looking in this creature’s eyes with an explosion of love and another minute you don’t know how you’ll survive without exploding yourself.
Impressive! Most parents feel as if they’re sitting in the first car of a roller coast with all the ups, downs and free falls.
Did you feel a sense of guilt at all as a new parent?
yes %
no 100%
Let us count the ways! For going back to work, or not going back to work. For breastfeeding, or not breastfeeding. For taking an hour to meet a friend for coffee, or not getting to see friends at all… It’s easy to feel like you can’t win. The good news is you’re not alone: The majority of new parents feel guilty, no matter the choices they make. Try to remind yourself you’re doing your best, and that’s all you can do.
We wouldn’t blame you if you said yes, but bravo for being immune to guilt during a time when it’s so easy to feel the pressure to be perfect.
All things considered; would you say your baby is an “easy baby”?
yes %
no 100%
Sleeps through the night, doesn’t cry in public and eats when we do—if that isn’t easy, what is?
We get it. They cry a lot, eat a lot and poop a lot. We’ll ask again once they leave for college.
There's no wrong answer
There's a word for that!
  • News Snooze

    When it’s been so long since you read a newspaper, watched TV or scrolled through social media that you’re unaware of what’s happening in the outside world.

  • Parentnoia

    When you’re afraid to admit you’re struggling out of fear of judgement or abandonment.

  • Sleepcation

    When you’re dying for a vacation away from your new baby just so you can catch up on sleep.

  • Parental Load

    When you’re so focused on feeding, changing and putting your baby to sleep that you forget to take care of your own basic needs.

  • Cry-lence

    When you no longer hear your child (or any child, for that matter) crying because they do it so often you’ve become immune to the noise.

  • Hide-and-Sleep

    When you hide in another room and pretend to sleep so your partner has to deal with the baby.

  • Opinionaters

    What new parents call strangers who offer unsolicited thoughts and advice about how you’re raising your child.

  • Wonder Tears

    When, despite loving your child, you sometimes feel more tearful, overwhelmed and lonely on this new parental journey.

  • Mama Drama

    When, as a mother, you can do no right, while papa can do no wrong.

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