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Did you know that your baby's First 1000 Days will shape the rest of his life?

Our Nestlé Mom & me e-learning program (or training) provides you with knowledge, practical advice and skills that will help you make the right nutrition and feeding choices.

The name says it all:
Nestlé Mom & me

The First 1000 Days are crucial for your baby's lifelong health. Good nutrition during this critical time puts baby on the path to a healthy future.

How can the First 1000 Days set the foundations for your baby's future health? It's time to find out...

What you need to know, when you need to know it

1. Explore

Scientific facts and findings about the First 1000 Days, showing how crucial they are to your baby's future health.

2. Learn

Find something interesting? Go deeper and read the entire article. There is a lot to learn, especially when it comes to your child's healthy future!

3. Act

Quizzes, tracking tools, videos, tips and smart ways to turn what you've learned into real practice.

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    Mums and babies,
    one to one

    Enter your information once, and you can log into a personalised dashboard each time you visit. This way, you can keep track of your progress through every age and stage. And we can learn what to teach you next.

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    A program that learns as you do

    Each time you log in, all our advice
    and tips will automatically stay
    in tune with your baby's

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    Be rewarded as you go

    Earn badges as you move through the program. They're little signs of progress you can share with friends, and use to earn rewards. 

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  • Learn nutrition at your pace
  • Try out tailored practical tools
  • Learn nutrition at your pace
  • Try out tailored practical tools