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Taking Care of Your Body


Your face becomes dehydrated under the influence of hormones.

Monday, May 29th, 2017

During pregnancy, hormonal upheavals lead to positive and other, less pleasant, changes that require particular attention and specific treatments.


Your face becomes dehydrated under the influence of hormones. Remember to apply nourishing and moisturizing creams several times a day.


Your breasts will fill out from the first weeks of pregnancy. And that’s only the beginning! Sensitive and tender, they may become marked with little linear striae, a few millimetres wide, which are the result of tissue distension.
To preserve the beauty of your breasts, you can choose bras with wide straps to prevent marks on your shoulders and with deep enough cups to support your chest without squashing it.


Your skin undergoes significant changes during pregnancy. It becomes drier and more fragile. The solution: apply gentle products morning and evening that preserve sensitive skin’s hydrolipid film. Good nutrition also helps to keep your skin looking beautiful. Be sure to drink fluids often and eat a balanced diet !

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are formed by the breaking of bonds between the elastic fibres of the dermis. They arise when the skin is significantly stretched over a short space of time, such as at the end of pregnancy with excess weight gain. They may be permanent. To try to prevent them, it is best to watch your weight gain and apply a moisturizer, sweet almond oil or shea butter to sensitive areas – breasts, stomach, hips and thighs – every day. In this way, you can hope to prevent stretch marks from appearing.

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