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Preparing for the arrival of your baby


Your baby will make its appearance in just a few weeks. In a manner of speaking, at least. In reality, its entire universe is already waiting for it! The bed, change table, wardrobe and shelf … its entire cocoon is already in place. It is only the baby that is still required!

Monday, August 7th, 2017

Childcare products and wardrobe

Once your pregnancy has been announced, there is a great temptation to whip out your credit card to offer your baby a custom-made room and a wardrobe fit for a prince or princess! Be careful - the bills will add up quickly. Here is some advice to help you make good choices.

How to equip your baby's room
There is furniture for your baby's room available to suit every taste and every budget! Have a good look before buying a cot or a change table!

  • The mattress must be firm and adapted to the size of the bed. If the mattress is too small, your baby may get his fingers or a foot caught in the gap.
  • The change table must bear the words "according to safety requirements". The most practical models have side pockets to hold all the accessories you need to change your baby's nappies. If you have too little space, a fold-up model may be a good solution.
  • As far as a shelf is concerned, one large shelf will be more practical than several smaller shelves, which will clutter up the space and hold too little! Preparing a pretty room for your baby is a good thing ... if it is well-designed and practical - so much the better! If you are buying new furniture, put it in place well before the birth: it is well-known today that new glues and paints release toxic substances for a number of days.
    Be careful if you are buying or renovating old furniture. Make sure that it is sound and corresponds to current standards. If, for example, you are renovating a cot in which your baby will be sleeping, ensure that it is stable and that the space between the bars is not greater than 65 mm and that their height is greater than 60 cm.

You should also be aware of the fact that there is adaptable furniture, which grows along with your baby: the cot can be turned into a small desk, the change table becomes a chest of drawers, etc. It may be necessary to invest a little more than in traditional furniture, but it is a long-term investment!

Choosing your baby's clothes carefully

There is no point in buying an entire wardrobe for your baby in the first weeks of pregnancy, but do have fun, taking into account the expected month of your baby's arrival, i.e. summer or winter! Below is a short list of essential items, along with a little advice: avoid buying a lot of clothing in newborn sizes. If your baby is large at birth, it will immediately require the next bigger size. It is thus better to have a mix: a few items for newborns and 1 month should be sufficient for the first few weeks.

  • Short-sleeve bodysuits: made of soft cotton, ideally of the wrap-around type with press studs in front (this makes it much easier to dress your baby, especially the first few times, when you are still a little awkward!).
  • Pretty pyjamas or full bodysuits, made of soft cotton, which are most practical when buttoned down the front.
  • Depending on the season, a baby jacket made of cotton or wool (or cashmere if you want to be very fashionable)!
  • Socks (which are often put on under the bodysuit so that your baby's feed stay warm).
  • Knitted bootees or shoes made of ultrasoft leather!
  • Cotton baby nappies to use as bibs or snuggle blankets. An idea is to personalise them by embroidering a picture in one corner or dye them in fashionable colours, using a washing-machine-proof dye!

Finally, as far as "real" clothing is concerned, remember that you will receive a lot of gifts and that comfort is of prime important during the first few months. A good compromise is a pair of dungarees, which can be adapted for all seasons and all occasions!


When should you prepare your hospital bag?

There is no rule, as long as your bag is ready on the day when you need to leave for the hospital.
Ideally, you should prepare it a month in advance: this will put your mind at ease.
And don't forget your personal things!


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