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Stage 4




Big Nutrition For Small Tummies

From one year onwards

Thursday, September 14th, 2017


stage 4


As your baby approaches the age of 1 year, he is ready for NESTLÉ CERELAC Stage 4 or NESTLÉ CERELAC
Baray Bachay Ke Liye.

NESTLÉ CERELAC Baray Bachay Ke Liye has been designed to offer nutrition which is suitable for your 1 year old.

NESTLÉ CERELAC Baray Bachay Ke Liye:

  • Offers a variety of tastes to develop your baby’s developing taste sensations.
  • Has a developed texture which enables your baby to enjoy a more fulfilling sensory experience.
  • Is prepared with multigrain of corn, rice and wheat and is enriched with vitamins and minerals to offer the right nutritional balance for your baby.
  • Contains different pieces of fruits and corn to make the eating experience for your baby much more yummier and exciting.

NESTLÉ CERELAC Baray Bachay Ke Liye currently consists of the following two variants: 

  • NESTLÉ CERELAC Red Fruits containing Apple, Cherry, Strawberry and Pineapple
  • NESTLÉ CERELAC Yellow Fruits containing Mango, Pineapple and Apple

Transitional Time for the baby

Transitional Time for the baby

  • Remember, it’s a transitional time for your baby; physically, emotionally and intellectually. For you, it’s time to set down the foundations of his education that would include teaching, games and encouragement.
  • Baby can play by himself for quite a while because he finds it easier to put objects together and concentrate on more than one thing at once.
  • But don’t forget to keep a watchful eye out, especially if he is not safe in his baby pen. And don’t deprive yourself of the pleasure of playing with him: he loves sharing these moments of joy and togetherness with you.
  • Now that your baby is starting to associate more than one syllable together, you could try and get him to repeat a word or two.So what is going to be his first word? :

          (i)“Mommy or Daddy” ?
          (ii)Excited!!! Aren’t you???
          (iii)Sometimes a daydreamer or sometimes a bit cross, but always a delight!

Playing & Learning

  • You might catch your baby sometimes looking dreamy, as he is curious and attentive to everything going on around him. Make the most of these moments of calm, before he is up and demanding your attention again!
  • To get around, baby is trying out a new technique: sitting on his bottom and pushing himself along with his hands: what a hoot!
  • He can now lift the lid off a box. If it is a toy or something completely harmless, you should encourage him, but be careful, because he’ll try and open any box!
  • And he can point at the object he wants to play with next.
  • In the bathtub or when you’re dressing him, you can teach him to recognize certain parts of his body. He’ll be as proud as Punch to point to his nose, his feet or his mouth. Never leave your baby alone in the bath tub.

Obeying & Learning

  • He is able to obey a simple instruction, such as “come” or “catch”, and you’ll be amazed when he does !
  • When you’re sitting together with a book, your baby will be able to participate, turning the pages, and there’s no better way to instill love of books in him. It is an important step towards the pathway that would develop the pleasure of reading in him.
  • Your baby may want to try out his first few steps on his own, especially if there are other children around him of his own age, who have already taken the giant leap. If he does, then congratulate him, but if he doesn’t, just let him go at his own pace.

The Joys & Surprises of Education

  • It is not always easy to forbid your baby from doing something, especially if he cries as soon as you say “NO”. But it’s something you have to do: don’t forget that you need to set limits for your baby in order to structure his identity.
  • Always bear in mind that your baby wants nothing better than to please you, to make you proud of him. If you encourage and congratulate him when he does something good, he will accept it better.

Physical Development

  • He is moving around, with ever greater determination, on his knees or on all fours. The more you encourage him, the more he loves moving.
  • With your help, he can now stand and take a few steps, or might be able to do so by standing against a wall or a piece of furniture.
  • He concentrates hard to pick up really small objects between thumb and forefinger, such as a grain of rice that has fallen off his plate, or a tiny stone that he finds in the path…careful that they don’t go straight into his mouth, because they may cause choking.

His daily activities

  • He loves putting smaller bits of an object together to make one large object.
  • He has great fun putting things on his head or throwing his toys as far as he can. Beware of things getting broken… anything fragile has to be out of his reach.
  • Generally speaking, baby still needs two little naps during the day: a short one in the morning, and a slightly longer one in the afternoon. But if he refuses to sleep, don’t worry about that, because some babies simply need less sleep than others. Let him burble away in his bed, he’s still getting the rest he needs.

Baby is getting better at chewing

  • Baby is getting better and better at chewing: he can swallow those small soft pieces even more easily now.
  • His sense of taste is developing, and becoming more refined day by day: he is more sensitive to different flavors and likes more and more elaborate dishes.
  • He is starting to take hold of objects between thumb and forefinger: as a result, he will often take small pieces of food and eat them with his fingers.
  • And because nature has thought of everything before us, this new skill comes at just the same time as baby is able to enjoy his food using his hands.

Developing eating habits

  • Baby is starting to be able to drink out of a glass – start by giving him a plastic drinking cup that is specially designed for babies.
  • New teeth begin to appear, again with wide variations among babies.
  • His physical progress means that he can eat with you at the table: he can sit up straight in his high chair and be part of the family meals.
  • Eating at a table is an important step on the road to growing up. Your baby will be as proud as a peacock, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to carry on learning!
  • New NESTLÉ CERELAC Baray Bachay Ke Liye has thicker texture that sticks to spoon and allows baby to have playful fun while feeding himself.


The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends exclusive breast-feeding for the first 6 months. Consult your doctor for advice on when to introduce complementary foods to your baby. Breastfeeding should continue for as long as possible after introduction of complementary foods.




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