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My third month of pregnancy


His heart is finding its regular rhythm. It is beating at a speed of 110 to 160 beats per minute, much faster than your own.

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

Where is my baby?

Your baby's face is increasingly being defined: the bones are taking on their final form, the lips and eyebrows are defined and the eyes are now covered by eyelids. You can discover all this during an ultrasound examination during the third month: a magical moment!

His heart is finding its regular rhythm. It is beating at a speed of 110 to 160 beats per minute, much faster than your own. It might even accelerate under stress - you should therefore relax!

His nerve cells continue to multiply at an exponential speed, which can lead to reflex movements that you will not yet notice. He is turning his head and waving his arms and legs: in short, he has energy to spare!

From the ninth week onwards, his taste buds appear on his tongue. His mouth opens and closes and he starts to swallow amniotic fluid, which will be eliminated by his kidneys in the form of urine.

My good dietary habits

Your baby's growth is now accelerating: you therefore have to provide him with protein. A varied and balanced diet will naturally meet your protein requirements. If you are vegetarian, or if you rarely eat meat, remember to have other sources of protein: legumes together with cereals (such as rice and lentils), but also fish, eggs dairy products.

Another indispensable nutrient: calcium. To ensure that you do not exhaust your bone capital, it is essential to drink milk and to consume dairy products (yoghurt and especially hard crust cheeses such as gruyère or comté) every day: four portions of dairy products + a few glasses of calcium-rich mineral water will help to cover your requirements. Calcium is also found in certain fruits and vegetables (spinach, broccoli, cress, green beans, etc.) in legumes (butter beans, etc.) and in almonds, sardines in oilj, etc., but to a lesser degree. Raise this point with your doctor to ensure that you meet all your requirements. He may prescribe a supplement if you have a pronounced deficiency.

A question of months: you can't bring yourself to eat fish?

Aversions to certain foods and a distaste are common during the first trimester of pregnancy. The cause: hormones, the upheaval of which results in hypersensitivity of your sense of smell and taste. Therefore you shouldn't worry if you are disgusted by the thought of fish. It suffices to eat other protein-rich food: poultry breast, eggs, cooked ham, etc. You can also cook your fish in another way to "mask" the taste: in soup or mixed with pureed carrots. And don't forget: this aversion is merely temporary! At the end of the 3rd month, the minor ailments you suffered at the start of your pregnancy will start to fade and you will be in top shape. Get enough fresh air, go for a walk outdoors and spend time in the fresh air, even if there is no blue sky or brilliant sunshine. You will soon be cruising along: make the most of your pregnancy!

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