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My seventh month of pregnancy


Baby's body is continuing to fill out, thanks to its subcutaneous fat layer. Baby's skin is now less wrinkled.

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

Where is my baby?

Your baby is gradually preparing to breathe the outside air. His respiratory movements are now following a more regular rhythm. The structure of his respiratory system is now complete, but still immature. Your baby's internal temperature will regulate itself, allowing him to adapt to external temperatures once it leaves his cocoon.

His body is continuing to fill out, thanks to his subcutaneous fat layer. His skin is now less wrinkled. He is taking up more and more space and can now move around much less! He spends his time sucking his thumb and experimenting with his sense of taste and smell.

His eyes are now open, with long eyelashes. He will soon be able to see changes in light level through the wall of your abdomen. He is becoming increasingly sensitive to external sound stimuli, especially to the voice of his father and to some music. He is even capable of responding to this: He will move and his heart beat will accelerate!

My good dietary habits

Drinking a lot is important for your blood volume: this has now increased by about 1.5 litres to ensure a good blood flow to the placenta. Blood tests that measure the concentration of the red blood corpuscles in the blood may indicated "dilution anaemia". Rest assured that this is completely normal during pregnancy, as the plasma that makes up your blood increases faster than the red blood corpuscles. Your doctor will also make a point of detecting any real anaemia that might be hiding behind this apparent anaemia.

Towards the end of the pregnancy, the production of red blood corpuscles will increase to restore the normal balance. At this stage you therefore have to drink a lot, but also eat foods rich in iron, such as red meat and black pudding. If necessary, your doctor will prescribe a food supplement.

A question of months: am I never allowed to have raw fish during my pregnancy?

Yes, hygiene rules and food precautions must be followed to the letter during the entire course of the pregnancy. You will therefore have to be a little patient before having cheese made with unpasteurised milk, undercooked meat, raw or smoked fish or raw seafood. To avoid any food risk, it is also important to wash your hands well before preparing meals and sitting down to table, as well as to wash fruit and vegetables before consumption. If you are going to eat leftovers, always reheat them. And don't forget to clean your refrigerator at regular intervals.

Your baby and you are now on the straight home run. It will pull out all stops to grow and will double his weights between now and the end of the pregnancy. Get plenty of rest and opt for balanced nutrition. Your baby has a huge appetite!

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