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My ninth month of pregnancy


Under his skin, his fat reserves are now sufficient to sustain him between two feeds. Your baby is now quite plump!

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

Where is my baby?

Your baby is now ready to face the outside world.

He is now beautiful: the little duvet used to cover him will have disappeared and the vernix that protected his skin will be coming off. ... Under his skin, his fat reserves are now sufficient to sustain him between two feeds. Your baby is now quite plump !

The heart/lung circuit will be functioning once your baby is in contact with the outside air: thus your baby will be breathing independently and no longer via the placenta. During the last week, his pulmonary alveoli will empty of amniotic fluid and dilate and his bronchi will unfold.

He will continue to move and to make himself noticed, despite having little space at his disposal. A little more patience is called for: if will be better if your baby still stays in its warm environment for a while. While waiting for the big day.

My good dietary habits

With the date of the birth fast coming closer, it is not rare to see stress levels rising. Relax and take pleasure in living! Think about consuming foods rich in:

  • magnesium, which is involved in the smooth functioning of the nervous system and muscles. This is found in dried fruit, some waters, dark chocolate, etc.
  • vitamin B 6, for smooth functioning of the nervous system. Opt for whole-grain cereals, nuts and bananas.
  • omega 3, essential fatty acids found in rapeseed oil, linseeds, fatty fish (salmon, tuna, fish, etc.)

Don't forget to take pleasure in eating (while remaining reasonable, of course!): pleasure provokes the secretion of endorphins, a hormone that creates a sensation of well-being and a certain amount of euphoria.

A question of months: last week I gained more than 1 kg. Is this normal?

Towards the end of the pregnancy, weight gain will accelerate, which is essential. During the third trimester, you will generally gain a little more than 1 kg per month. However, if you are suddenly gaining more than 1 kg per week, you should report this to your doctor. It may be due to a high blood pressure problem.

As is the case with most biological data, your expected birth date is really a time span. The birth may thus take place in the two weeks preceding or following the calculated birth date. After the theoretical term, it will be necessary to consult your doctor to verify that your baby is doing well and he may decide to induce the birth. Courage - everything will go well!

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