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My Changing Body?


Intense hormonal activity transforms your body all over.

Monday, May 29th, 2017

What about your body? Does it feel like your own body or are you having problems recognizing it? Just read “My Changing Body”. It will help you anticipate and deal with these changes more easily. If you’re worried about how much weight gain is reasonable during your pregnancy, follow our simple guidelines in “My Growing Body”. Healthy eating habits and simple exercises can make all the difference.

Your body goes through many changes in pregnancy. These changes are normal, and can be divided into three main stages. Take a look at how your body will adapt at each stage, so you are ready to welcome these changes when they happen, stress-free!

1st Trimester: The Big Change

Intense hormonal activity transforms your body all over. Your breasts are already preparing for breastfeeding. They have increased in size and are tense; their areolas are generally larger and darker.
Your uterus expands and pushes down on the bladder, which explains why you want to urinate more often. This little inconvenience will disappear after a few weeks because the uterus will move up towards the abdomen.
The activity of your hormones also has an effect on your mood, your appetite and your libido. You may become sensitive to the slightest thing. Perhaps you have unusual cravings and certain foods that you normally like turn your stomach.
During the first trimester, weight gain is often minimal, even nonexistent, due to frequent nausea. This generally disappears at the end of the third month.
You are more tired than usual; you may be surprised by an unusual feeling of tiredness due to progesterone, which has a strong sedative power.

2nd Trimester: Contentedness

Your belly is filling out, you are serene and content. The scales are showing a few extra kilos. Your back and legs feel it.
Rest as often as you need to.
As it develops, your uterus pushes the other organs towards the thoracic cage. This compresses the diaphragm and you become more easily out of breath.
Sometimes a brown line appears on your abdomen; it will disappear after the birth. Your blood volume increases and a few concerns due to poor circulation may arise such as varicose veins, heavy legs, slight bleeding of the gums.
Your libido is in good shape. And wonder of wonders, you feel baby moving inside you!

3rd Trimester: Impatience

As the birth approaches, you are impatient and anxious. Like all mums-to-be!
The weight of the baby, which will double during the last trimester, changes the way you hold yourself and walk. You move at a slow pace, but your body is working out to do the extra work that baby requires.
Your heart beats an extra twelve times a minute. In 1 minute, 185 ml of your blood irrigates the placenta, providing baby with the elements necessary for growth. Your breasts are ready for breastfeeding and trickles of colostrum, the initial milk that comes before lactation, may stain your clothes.
Your sleep is disturbed and you find it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position.
In the weeks before the birth, the joints of the pelvis move apart to allow the baby – who is beginning his descent – through. Rest while you are awaiting the happy event!

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