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Communicating with my baby during the pregnancy!


My baby has been growing in me for 9 months, but it has not been completely isolated from the outside world. On the contrary, it experiences my emotions , hears my voice , reacts to my caresses and even shares my food choices - a magical relationship!

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

Your baby's senses start to develop very early on during the pregnancy. From the 4th week onwards, the internal ears, the eyes and tongue start to form. As the weeks pass, the sense of taste, smell and touch follow, i.e. the baby opens up towards its environment. From the 24th week onwards, "conscious" perception develops and the baby becomes capable of reacting to a sensory stimulus.

The amniotic fluid plays an essential role

The amniotic fluid fills the amniotic sac in which the baby will develop. Its task is to protect your baby against shocks, temperature fluctuations, noise, etc. It is a kind of protective cocoon, but first and foremost a communication interface with the world.

Your baby's senses, especially its sense of taste, develop as a result of this fluid. From the 13th week onwards, the baby will constantly swallow and inhale this slightly sugary fluid made up of aromatic molecules: this is the start of your baby's sense of taste.

My bond with the baby is formed over the course of many weeks …

… via emotions. A psychosensory link between you and your baby forms very early. It perceives your movements and becomes accustomed to the way you speak and move, but it also experiences the general environment, the effects of stress and emotional shocks you experience, via the production of substances. This is why it is essential that you should relax and avoid any source of stress.

… via nutrition. When you eat, the aromatic molecules of the food pass into your blood stream and reach your baby via the placenta or the amniotic fluid. After the fifth month of pregnancy, your baby will be capable of memorising tastes. You should thus eat a varied diet and take pleasure in eating: it is excellent for the development of your baby!

... via gestures. The sense of touch develops very early and your baby is capable of feeling pressure on and caressing of the abdomen. From the 5th month of pregnancy onwards, your baby will develop a sense of touch by sucking its thumb and catching its feet. It will be increasingly responsive to your caresses. This is after all the aim of haptonomy.

... via noise. From the 6th month onwards, your baby is capable of perceiving numerous day-to-day noises: your voice, that of its father, music, your heartbeat ... Your baby will start to respond with movements or an acceleration of the heartbeat. Speak to your baby, play your baby some music: your baby will love it!

Your baby will start to respond to the world at a very early stage, but its sensory organs and brain will still be maturing. You can thus stimulate it, but there is no point in doing too much and spending the day with loudspeakers glued to your abdomen! Your baby will have its whole life to learn to appreciate music ...


Samina , mother of Rizwan ( who loves to dance!), one-and-a-half years

"My husband is a real music fan and absolutely wants to share his passion with our baby: thus, from Clash to Sufi via Pakistani pop, our baby has been well trained during my entire pregnancy! And I do think that my husband has been understood. When we attended a jazz concert while I was 7 months pregnant, my baby started kicking in time to the music in my abdomen ... what's to say he wasn't dancing?"

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