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Pregnant Women

Am i pregnant?


Every woman experiences the first signs of pregnancy differently.

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

You have heard them all: "it flattened me", "not so bad !", "I was hungry from the start!"… Every woman experiences the first signs of pregnancy differently. There are, however, some more accurate indications to give you an idea. It may be that, in 9 months' time, you will well and truly become a mother.
Unmistakable signs
Doctors call them "sympathetic signs of pregnancy". The reason? The hormonal tidal wave that swamps you. It is just that, on a day-to-day basis, not all these signs are pleasant. Maybe you will be the exception, though!
Painful signs: these are the most common signs. Your breast are swollen, hard and hypersensitive, with the nipples darkening and the veins becoming more visible ... Progesterone and oestrogen, two hormones released since your pregnancy started, are already preparing your body for breastfeeding! 
Nausea: If you are prone to nausea, this will start about two weeks after fertilisation and will usually happen in the morning, or sometimes after meals. The reason? Probably HCG, a hormone triggered by the developing placenta. It is the presence of this hormone that the pregnancy test detects. It reaches its peak between the 8th and the 10th week and then gradually peaks, to the great relief of many nauseous mothers-to-be! A small consolation: despite your nausea, don't ever skip meals - rather think about dividing them up. 
Cravings affect some pregnant women. Some others, on the other hand, lose their appetite or are disgusted by certain foods or odours. Or both! Some 73% of mothers-to-be will experience irresistible food cravings.
Fatigue, the desire to sleep or to take naps are equally common. 
The need to urinate more frequently is another sign. All this is due to .... hormones! 
Other possible signs include the following: stomach pain or headache, lower abdominal cramps, a metallic taste in the mouth, increased saliva production.
Late periods: a reliable sign of pregnancy?
Your periods are delayed by one day, two days, three days and you can already see yourself as a mother. Don't be too quick to announce the news to your entire family, as this indication is not 100% reliable! In fact, your periods may be irregular, especially after you have stopped taking the pill, or they may be practically absent some months (this is known as amenorrhea).
You should also know that, even if you are normally as regular as a Swiss clock, any upheaval in your life (emotion, travelling) or even the desire to fall pregnant may result in a delay in your periods.
To complicate everything, some women may experience minor bleeding a few days after fertilisation: these are not your periods but a common and quite normal phenomenon.
The pregnancy test: to confirm the pregnancy
Did you notice a number of signs? Only a pregnancy test can confirm whether you are pregnant or not. A urinary test is quick and easy and can be carried out at home. It is 99% reliable, but should always be confirmed by a blood test.

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